El-Tanein Diet Week #1

Courtesy of Death to Stock Photo

Courtesy of Death to Stock Photo

Week #1 of El-Tanein Diet is up. I’ll be doing weigh-ins every two weeks so 7 days to go. It seems having to write a weekly report is keeping me in check but I’ll admit that I still have to up the ante when it comes to gymming and avoiding the sugary goodness. Historically, Eid is never gentle on the digestive system but, enough excuses, here we go:

Workout Tally

1 Core
1 Boot Camp
1 Taebo

That’s a total of 3 classes which is satisfactory but not the minimum (which I’ve decided is 5/week, not including other cardio on machines). Starting El-Tanein Diet during the week of Eid may have been a bad move on my part. I ended up in the South for 2.5 days where you move from couch to couch just to keep things exciting. It’s either that or you camp out by the argileh and petit-fours. Not advised.

Outdoor Activity

This category is this week’s weak point. It seems the only thing that could qualify as an “outdoor activity” is the walk from Mar Mikhael to the Egg in Downtown which is pathetic when you think about the daily commutes on foot that occur in other cities. Next week will be better, promise. No really, the plan is set, stay tuned!

I did get to check out the structure from the inside though – that’s got to count for something.

It was a cinema in the 1960s before being partially destroyed during the civil war. It was briefly an exhibition space as well as a party venue (of course) up until recently. Now, its fate has been a debate for the last 10 years.

Fitbit Flex

The wearable failed me the week I decided to actually pay attention to it the most. It wasn’t counting my steps and has had the same calorie count every day since last Monday. Stage fright? This is the second fitness counter wearable that has gone haywire. My Nike Fuel band fell apart in the middle of a client meeting and Nike Support couldn’t help me since the product wasn’t distributed here. Better luck next week, Fitbit.

Cheat Meal

Wednesday late lunch at Butcher’s BBQ Joint in Mar Mikhael
A brisket sandwich with fries and special dips.

Other Highlights

Going solo to the John Legend Concert in Byblos: I was considering flying to Dubai in February just to see him so I was thrilled when he was announced as the front-runner for the Byblos Festival. By the time Monday rolled around, I wasn’t going because I couldn’t find a John Legend fan in my circle and I wasn’t a fan of going alone to a sappy concert. My friend managed to convince me to just do it since you don’t need company if the performer is someone you really want to see. His live version of “The Beginning” was so much better than the recorded track. Worth it!

Finding a pair of Nike Pro shorts for 39 thou: Thank you Nike Outlet by Galaxy Mall! Instead of waiting a month for Amazon orders or going to Niketown, I found a discounted new pair of black Nike Pros to wear once I reach the goal I set last week.

Workout Track of the Week

Not because it’s my favorite tune. It’s because it’s played during the taebo class and now I can’t stop myself from throwing rhythmic 8-count punches when it comes on in the car. Pavlov strikes again.

Cheese of the Week

The fund for Georges El-Rif’s family has reached almost $20K in two days. Although this all happened because of a horrendous crime, the way that the community came together to stand by Georges’ loved ones has really restored my faith in the Lebanese people. There are those who want to stand up to the status quo and make sure that justice will prevail, even when it seems like the authorities are nowhere to be found.

Instead of saying “this is Lebanon” and cursing the existence of such a corrupt society, the people took action. Even though it revolved around sadness, I am proud that we are slowly moving away from being passive victims. Let’s keep fighting for ourselves and for each other.

I’ll leave you with this gem until next Monday…

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