Maktoub 3 Loubnan

For the past few decades, many families and young adults have left Lebanon creating a diaspora that has resulted in more Lebanese abroad than in the actual country itself. Although there are always dreams of returning to their homeland, many have formed roots elsewhere. With Lebanon’s shaky infrastructure, poor salaries, and political instability, it is difficult to convince those who are doing well abroad to come back. But regardless of whether or not you have 24-hour electricity, Lebanon remains home to those here as well as those who made the decision to leave.

Maktoub 3 Loubnan, or letter to Lebanon, is a cultural project that aims to bring back the memories in the form of a postcard. Sharing a memory of Lebanon on a postcard from the sender’s new address essentially creates a visual archive of the Lebanese diaspora. A story is told and a record is kept: you’re physically sending a piece of you back home.

To participate, send a postcard with a written memory of Lebanon to:

Maktoub 3 Loubnan
P.O. Box 16 – 7115
Sassine Square
Beirut, Lebanon

Maktoub 3 Loubnan was launched by art director and blogger, Farrah Berrou.

UPDATE: After 18 months of lost snail mail and low participation, this project was canceled.

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