Bambi’s Soapbox: Top 5 of 2015

For 2015, Bambi’s Soapbox had 27K views and 72 posts for the year, both stats doubling in comparison to 2014. The top 5 posts based on views and Facebook shares are as follows:

5) Old Beirut’s New Walking Tour (496 views, 15 shares)

4) Barcelona, You’re Not My Beirut (466 views, 100 shares)

3) Afternoons with the Sursocks: Sawfar & Beirut (679 views, 126 shares)

2) 10 Signs You’re a Lebanese Designer (1,005 views, 181 shares)


1) Beirut, the Paris of the Middle East (3,006 views, 2K+ shares)

A few posts were also reposted on various sites like my visit to Tripoli and my tribute to the South on YourMiddleEast, along with the Sawfar post making the rounds on other channels. Another highlight was being featured as a blogger in ArabAd.

This blog has always been my baby and views were never a major concern but it’s always gratifying to see that others are appreciating it. I’m hoping I keep pushing the bar higher this year when it comes to discovering new sides of my country, and myself, along the way.

Happy New Year!

Bambi’s Soapbox: Top 5 of 2014

I did not post as much as I would’ve liked this year and I plan on working on that for 2015. Apparently, I post on Sundays the most. And here I am, posting again on a Sunday. How appropriate.

5) Beirut vs. Budapest

4) Samsung S5 vs iPhone 5S

3) Dubai vs. Singapore

2) Lebanon, Would You Miss Me?


1) 5 Eco-Friendly Product Designers in Lebanon


6 Truths About Working in Advertising

A New Movement Fights to Revive Lebanon’s First Railway

I’ve got a lot lined up for this year, including a complete remodel of the blog. Here’s to another year of Sunday Bambi posts, cards, and contributions! Cheers!

Bambi’s Soapbox: Top 5 of 2013

Below are the top 5 posts of Bambi’s Soapbox based on WordPress stats. Unfortunately, the theme of my blog makes the numbers a bit off aaaaaand the newer posts haven’t had time to bounce around as long as the older ones but these are the numbers:

5) Dear Britain: An Alternative Reply From Lebanon (356 views, 14 likes)

4) 10 Architectural Wonders of Singapore (482 views, 10 likes)

3) Going Off-track: Rayak Train Station (853 views, 28 likes)

2) What Lebanon Could Be (928 views, 85 likes)


1.) Why Do You Stay? (1,859 views, 394 likes)

Happy 2014 to everyone – may it bring better days to our beautiful little slice off the Mediterranean. 

The Bambi Top 5 of 2012

Below are the top 5 blogposts of Bambi’s Soapbox based on views and likes (from before and after the move from Blogspot to WordPress). Sure, the newer posts haven’t had time to bounce around as long as the older ones but these are the numbers:

5) 7 Lebanese Obsessions (200 views)

4) I Haven’t Forgotten You Yet (249 views)

3) 10 Things I Hate About You, Lebanon (249 views, 45 likes)

2) 10 Types of Lebanese Drivers (328 views, 38 likes)


1) 10 Lebanese Things We Should Be Thankful For (316 views, 70 likes)

Other posts that almost made the cut and you should check out before 2013:

Thanks for reading peoples:)

Which post is your favorite Bambi blogpost of 2012?