The Bambi Top 5 of 2012

Below are the top 5 blogposts of Bambi’s Soapbox based on views and likes (from before and after the move from Blogspot to WordPress). Sure, the newer posts haven’t had time to bounce around as long as the older ones but these are the numbers:

5) 7 Lebanese Obsessions (200 views)

4) I Haven’t Forgotten You Yet (249 views)

3) 10 Things I Hate About You, Lebanon (249 views, 45 likes)

2) 10 Types of Lebanese Drivers (328 views, 38 likes)


1) 10 Lebanese Things We Should Be Thankful For (316 views, 70 likes)

Other posts that almost made the cut and you should check out before 2013:

Thanks for reading peoples:)

Which post is your favorite Bambi blogpost of 2012? 

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