Bambi’s Soapbox: Top 5 of 2013

Below are the top 5 posts of Bambi’s Soapbox based on WordPress stats. Unfortunately, the theme of my blog makes the numbers a bit off aaaaaand the newer posts haven’t had time to bounce around as long as the older ones but these are the numbers:

5) Dear Britain: An Alternative Reply From Lebanon (356 views, 14 likes)

4) 10 Architectural Wonders of Singapore (482 views, 10 likes)

3) Going Off-track: Rayak Train Station (853 views, 28 likes)

2) What Lebanon Could Be (928 views, 85 likes)


1.) Why Do You Stay? (1,859 views, 394 likes)

Happy 2014 to everyone – may it bring better days to our beautiful little slice off the Mediterranean. 

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