Plenty of Fish in the Sea


Much like this scene in Finding Nemo, post-grad twenty-somethings are poor little fish caught in a plastic bag thinking “now what?” We spend all our lives living in a bubble that protects us but, eventually, we’re going to need to pop it if we want to continue to survive. YOLO. No, that’s not a link to Drake.

Now that I feel I’ve said something profound enough to merit a blogpost, I will say what I actually wanted to say:

1.) I’m flying off to Singapore for 10 days and will be disconnected for a while. I WILL be back though – with pictures and stories.

2.) First week of Feb marks the 1-year anniversary of Bambi’s Soapbox. Hooray!

Thank you all for reading! I’ll be posting appetizers on the Facebook page (so LIKE it if you haven’t already) See you back here in 2 weeks!


Take me with you!

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