Let’s Just Act Like That Never Happened…


If you had the power to wipe out a memory and replace it with a new one, what would you do with that power? Would you use it on those around you or just on yourself? Both?

Perhaps it can be argued that it is not up to you to decide which memories others should be robbed of. However, when it comes to yourself, maybe there are certain events you’d like to shove out of your mind. We all know the arguments of making mistakes and having no regrets. You learn from them, they shape you, it’s a fact of life, cliche, cliche, bumper sticker, bumper sticker. 

So if you could really act like “that” never happened, what would your “that” (or thats) be? 

Here are a few I thought of:

  • Heartbreak: erasing the memory of literal heartburn so that the good memories of love don’t sting. This would be like when Dr. Dolittle removed that little white piece from the tiger’s brain and he had no pain. 
  • Source

  • Financial decisions: erasing the memory of you deciding not to buy 500 shares of Apple when they were only $30 a piece. 
  • Source

But if you erased such things, what part of you would change and what guarantee is there that it would be for the better? What if that event was the butterfly effect for other positive things in your life? Does erasing heartbreak erase how you feel towards the one who did it? How you feel towards one who still could in the future? What would being a millionaire have changed? (Stop thinking about the Maserati)

Even small events that still poke you like a stepped-on lego on the floor may have some significance. Maybe there is an alternate version of our realities where those events went another way and, thus, our lives went another way.  Or maybe, just maybe, life is exactly what it’s supposed to be and we just have to have faith.

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