5 Irrational Sources of Travel Anxiety


I’m currently delayed in Barcelona El Prat airport due to snowstorms in Istanbul so it’s the perfect time to get back on the blog track to discuss the irrational but real anxieties that overcome travellers. Or just me.

Baggage Weight
I would love to travel without the worry of overweight baggage charges but alas, I overpack shoes. And purchase more shoes. I wish I could say that this fear is restricted to the 23kg suitcase but my carry-on is also a source of stress since my ancient Macbook is a hefty 4kg baby in a 3kg carseat. Add that all together and you’ve got enough weight left for…3 pencils and 2 tubes of lipstick. BUT YOU CAN’T CHECK IT IN, THAT’S MY CHILD.

Meet UnCute
IF you manage to look semi-attractive, you will NEVER run into another attractive human in an airport. You will only run into your soulmate when you look like ass or as I like to call it, I woke up like dis…every 23 minutes for 6 hours straight. Peppermint tea helps with the bloating. You’re welcome.

Dirty Bathrooms
This doesn’t need an explanation. This isn’t even irrational. Just ew.

Misaligned Passport Stamps
Would it kill Passport Control to think about my passport pages as artwork? Of course it would because that’s a ridiculous request only a designer would make. But if you’re going to layer or stamp next to another stamp, can you try to do it in a studied way? Or not, that’s fine. I’ll just wait ten years, get a new one, and visit this country again when you’re replaced by robots. I know, that probably means we won’t have paper documents by then but let me hold on to this. It’s all I have.

The Cloud
Fluffy white marshmallows in the sky are shutting down airports. You planned to fly in tonight and snow is like nah. I want to crack dark jokes but only when I land safely at my final destination. Not that final destination. Here comes the anxiety. Posting this so I can go pray. I love you all.

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