Je Suis Libanaise

It’s 8:30 p.m.,
I can’t take a hot shower
Bas ca va, I’ll take one
When they turn on the power
I have a dinner to attend
On Rue Gouraud
Bas deja, akalit labneh
W baddeh rou7 3a Flo
I walked down 4 flights of stairs
To get to the lot
Ukh 3a Hamra,
Ma ili jleideh fattish 3a spot

La2eit mahal,
Bein Barbar w Red Shoe
Ijitneh whatsapp hala2,
El sahra bi some place new

Off to Downtown,
Shi pub 3a Uruguay street,
Rah el tartine,
Gotta get something to eat

Got there in 10
Fitit 3a salle,
Helou ma ishbo shi,
Pas mal, pas mal

So I called my friend
Asked him “oures?!”
2alle “shu you’re Armenian now mmm…
And then it hit me,
How many languages we use,
To chat, converse,
Argue, and amuse

So I sat down at a table
In the corner alone
Pretended I was chatting
On my smartphone
Ija el maitre
Ka2no ba3do shirben shi
So I asked for some Bailey’s
Just for me

Sa2alneh iza baddeh
El drink ma3 moz
Jawabto “mab tefrou2,
C’est la meme chose”

Thanks to the hawajez
On the way there,
My friends were late
Bas 3anjad I don’t care
It was a good night
Even though I’m broke
But at least my hair
Doesn’t reek of smoke

Sure, “we could’ve had
The French passport”
And not worried much
About international transport
I guess we can blame
the Independence in 1943,
But then again, it’s good to be Libneneh,
Mais oui?

And even if everyone leaves
And no one stays,
We will be Lebanese
until the end of our days.

P.S. Sorry about the über patriotic posts lately. And forgive the Arabizi please. TEINX.

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