Beatrix Potter Cupcakes


When being unproductive, one thing I like to do, other than blogging, is bake. A friend once told me that most female bloggers end up writing a post entirely dedicated to cake. Yes, Raja O, I’m talking to you. Well, here’s my post dedicated to cupcakes…and Beatrix Potter.

Selfridges, April 2012

My last visit to London allowed me to get Easter decorations on the cheap (they were £2 at Selfridges, seriously), including a set of Peter Rabbit cupcake decorations. Who is Peter Rabbit? Although he is not as interesting as Roger Rabbit and his voluptuous I-would-go-gay-for-a-cartoon-character wife, Peter Rabbit was a staple in my childhood along with Runaway Bunny, Goodnight Moon (I liked bunnies, okay), and Angelina Ballerina. Sorry, no L’eleve Decobu for me. 

The Tale of Peter Rabbit, written by Helen Beatrix Potter, a British author and illustrator. She was a fan of fairy tales, rhymes and riddles. It is said that she drew her own versions for classics like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. She kept a journal in a code that she made up and she was interested in natural history – especially mycology, the study of FUNGI.

It is a shame that Ms. Potter was played by Renee Zellweger in the movie “Ms.Potter”. I haven’t seen it but that’s because I always imagined her being more of a Maggie Smith (younger Potter as Emma Thompson) and I refuse to let Hollywood ruin that. I hate when they do that; taking away our dreamed-up appearances of fictitious characters and real life authors. Kirsten Stewart as Snow White? The girl who is supposed to be more beautiful than the evil queen played by…CHARLIZE THERON? Good one, Hollywood. Yes, “Finding Neverland” was good but that could be because it’s not hard to imagine Johnny Depp writing Peter Pan. I’ll think about “Ms.Potter.” Even the truth is heartbreaking, I mean Steven King cannot be this man:


Although he does have the Seuss factor*, this guy who could easily be selling you Christmas trees seems too normal to be thinking of pigs-blood flavored prom queens.

Anyway, something beautiful happened to prove my theory: Emma Thompson wrote The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit to celebrate the 110th anniversary of The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Told you so. 

*Seuss factor: having features that could classify the individual as a lost Dr. Suess character existing in our realm.

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