The Spheres of Happiness

All members of the young aim for the overlap of the three Spheres: the Trifecta of Fulfillment (TOF). This is the threesome of ecstatic accomplishment, the tripod pedestal that you claw at, your very own three little pigs in a fortress made of gold.

It’s when you’ve got your shit together and you feel like nothing can touch you. It’s that feeling you had in the 2nd grade when you got a stuffed bunny from Elliot, the boy all the girls liked, you decided you were going to be President of the United States, AND you were invited to Markie’s pool party at her grandma’s mansion where they were going to serve sandwiches that looked better than the ones in Yogi Bear’s stolen picnic baskets.

Now, the Trifecta is more difficult to get to since your ambitions are set higher (hopefully) and the momentum of your life is like an acoustic Dido track laced with a horse tranquilizer. Some may never reach the Trifecta and others will fight to keep it once they have it. Meanwhile, the rest of you will be jumping through hoops to get to it.

There are three main Spheres of Happiness that relate to one’s level of satisfaction in a particular aspect of their life, be it personal, professional, or both. Although these spheres may seem like a diluted version of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs that ignores the basic sustenance required for survival, it is purely based on the simple forms of satisfaction that give way to serenity and joy.

Being in one Sphere alone is not ideal for any individual. The amount of satisfaction resulting from this one Sphere is never enough to curb the craving for more. Like in mathematics, a point does not move. It is a place with no dimensions. It goes nowhere. It just is. Two points, however, create a line that is unending but that means it’s going somewhere. The same goes for two Spheres: you may be going down that road forever but you’re still going somewhere.

The intersections of two circles create three different cases that one can fall into while undergoing the quest for the Trifecta. Duration is dependent on the circumstances of the individual. One may shift into the other intersections, continuously bouncing from one to the other as they attempt to get all their eggs into the MYLIFEISPUREPERFECTION basket.

  • Dynamic Crack-Monkey: This individual is romantically and socially satisfied. They are constantly surrounded by people they care for and have a great support system. This is probably a good thing considering their professional/academic Sphere is being neglected. They are in denial of the pressure they feel building within their head. Excuses used to soothe their woes are  “it’s the people in my life that are most important”, “my people skills will help me land an amazing job, look at me, I’m a fricking butterfly”, or “I’ll just pull a Kim Kardashian.” Whether that was referring to Kanye West or a home movie is entirely up to interpretation. They tend to be very involved with their smartphones because it connects them to social networks and texts from their babyboo. 
  • Devoted Hermit-Crab: This individual is romantically and professionally/academically satisfied. Dedicating all free time to their significant other and their work/studies, this individual rarely sees other humans unless they are asking them for saltine crackers for their clam chowder, ordering new supplies for their workspace, or required to attend a festive holiday party – in which case, significant other is attached at the hip wearing matching antlers. These individuals are perfectly content staying at home eating nachos with their S.O. watching the latest Nicolas Cage film. This becomes problematic when things shift in the two stable spheres or when they realize they’ve become too comfortable and have been wearing the same underpants for 3 days. 
  • Determined Bipolar-Bear: This individual is socially and professionally/academically satisfied. They are dependable, fun and climbing the corporate ladder. They function well in public and give off an aura of contentment and yet, it is never understood why they are alone romantically. It is usually due to the hidden bipolarity of their need for a someone. They are in a good place and don’t want to risk ruining it. They are in a good place and want to be able to share it with the someone. They are in a good place, in control of the sitch, back off or everything will fall apart and one Sphere will fall into the crapper. But they’re so fluffy and lovable. 
If you are lucky enough to reach the Trifecta, it may be a brief taste just to show you the beauty of being truly happy. Be sure to hang on to this moment of ecstasy or at least cherish it while it lasts. It too shall pass.

But that’s okay because the fight for happiness should never end.

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