Edward & Frankenweenie

WARNING: This post is loaded with videos. If you have a poor internet connection, then let these stream while you sit in a staff meeting watching the girl who’s watching the guy idly thumb the springs of the pineapple in the fruit basket like it’s a genie’s lamp.

If there was a tab on how many times I had viewed every movie seen in my lifetime, I’m very confident that Edward Scissorhands would be the top viewed (with Practical Magic and The Little Mermaid tied in second). For some reason, I never get sick of watching this creepy Tim Burton film and it is the sole reason I love the director. Well, it and Beetlejuice. Please educate your offspring about the original Team Edward. Another Edward that should be highlighted is Edward Gorey, a writer and illustrator who, like Burton, had a dark style.

Scene from Edward Scissorhands:

Upon doing some reading, I found that Burton had done a short film in 1984 titled “Frankenweenie.” It’s a parody of the original Frankenstein but also has bits and pieces of Scissorhandsian magic. The choice of actress to play Victor’s mother helps the feel since she was the mother in the classic thriller “The Shining” released just 4 years prior. And there’s the guy who played Marv in the Home Alone series too but that’s irrelevant. Apparently, a black and white stop motion remake of it is to be released this year.

The original Frankenweenie in ’84:

The 2012 Frankenweenie Trailer released at Comic-Con:

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