What’s Your Punch Phrase?

So in the hectic moments when you have so much on your mind, what is the one sentence that pops up? What are the words that help you figure out what to do? What is your punch phrase? 
It’s probably a cliche, isn’t it…no judgment. 

When I’m feeling just down right confused about which road to take, there is a little something I do to put my “problems” into perspective. Ask this question:
What’s the worst that could happen?
And you know what you find out? You realize that a majority of the stuff you’re fretting about isn’t worth the headache. Granted, I am not saying this phrase applies to serious situations. I am referring to the typical worries and issues we obsess over. When you realize that [insert event here] is NOT the end of the world, that there are more important things to spend brain power on, that there are bigger concerns, you will instantly feel more relaxed. 
It really is all about perspective.
I think we have a tendency to make things more dramatic than they really are. We forget that the biggest problem we are faced with could actually be a blessing in itself. In other words, there is someone out there that is happier with less than what you have. If the biggest problem you have right now is finishing finals or getting that weekly report over and done with – you should think about how lucky you are at this moment. Things can always get worse so when you’re feeling down, don’t forget to remember what you do have rather than what is missing. Count your blessings.
There are things in life that need attention and will take up a lot of space in that noggin’. But there are others that don’t. The sooner you figure out which is what, the sooner you will feel at ease. You will be more productive. You’re energy will go into things that really matter to you and that’s exactly how it should be. Because after all, what’s the worst that could happen?

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