Brisk & Pret

I have mentioned this previously in the Hamra Coffee Shops post but I wanted to dedicate an entire post to the comparison of these two establishments:
Brisk and Pret.

Brisk is an organic healthy pitstop in Hamra equipped with coffee from Canadian Gloria Jean’s. Pret is an organic healthy pitstop all over London equipped with coffee from…Pret. As far as I can tell, Brisk was modeled after Pret because of many similar factors:

1) The packaged-food shelves
2) The recycling project
3) The whole general mission of the place as a business (organic, fresh everyday, go green)

Just look at them here:

Brisk Packaged-Food Shelves
Pret Packaged-Food Shelves
Brisk Recycling Station
Pret Recycling Station
Brisk’s Mission
Pret’s Mission

Seems pretty similar, no?

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