Message in a Bag

Another tango dance with some beautiful packaging 
Pretty Kate Spade Packaging
Reflective Logo
brought me to realize two entirely unrelated things:
1. There are hidden messages all around us – even if they are paid-for slogans that are supposed to incite the very feelings that I am appreciating here
2. Online shopping would be my demise were I to live in a country that had addresses that didn’t involve using a big politician’s portrait or pothole as a reference point.
“Live Colorfully”
The funny thing is – a lot of these so-called hidden messages are not really hidden at all. We’re just too wrapped in our own messy lives or glued to our various screens that we don’t even notice these tokens around us.
As for the online shopping epiphany – This isn’t really a new realization. It’s just one that I am more and more convinced of every moment I spend on Amazon, Pinterest, Wanelo or any other online black hole that thrives on consumerism. We are all going to need some sort of credit card rehab…or exorcism. Or, you know, we could just go outdoors. 
More tokens:

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