10 Excuses To Be Unproductive That Only Make Sense in Your Head


1.) You just ate lunch and you need to digest before you can do anything that requires a lot of brainpower. Because your brain didn’t absorb all the power of the falafel sandwich yet.

2.) It’s 4:48pm, you might as well wait until it’s 5:00 on the dot to start working because the 12 minutes won’t really make a difference and you don’t like working at weird time intervals that are not multiples of 5…or 30.

3.) You didn’t have your coffee yet and, therefore, you are about as useful as a chewed-on unsharpened pencil without an eraser.

4.) You paid a lot of money for that playstation/xbox/wii. It’d all be in vain if you didn’t use it. There are children dying in Africa.  You should appreciate what you have.

5.) The task at hand was only a suggestion. You don’t HAVE to do it today. Or ever.

6.) It’s Thursday. That’s practically the weekend. It IS the weekend in Saudi Arabia.

7.) You’re just resting your eyes.

8.) You’re always told to seize the moment, don’t waste your time doing mundane tasks that no one will remember in 6 months. Carpe diem and stuff. You’re not going to flunk that class or get fired just because you decided to live…off of food stamps.

9.) You need to tweet some interesting links because social media is the new way to market yourself and stay up-to-date and connected. Everyone knows the latest way to a quick hire is tweeting about trending topics and #mileypregnant.

10.) You need to download new music so you can have a soundtrack for when you start working.

Thanks for reading this and being really productive.

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