El-Tanein Diet Week #38


One of the tips for having consistency in your diet & exercise plans is to “set rules and stick to them.” So, in the effort to have one main rule for each, my workout rule is “I won’t go 2 consecutive days without exercise” and my diet rule is “I will eat bread only during breakfast.” And you know, drink lots of H2O. I’ll be on duty for 4 days at the Horeca trade show for week #39 so following these rules will be difficult.

Workout Tally

– (3) NRC runs
– (2) 30 min elliptical

Outdoor Activity

The NRC crew hopped on the NRC bus and went for a Sunday morning run in Domaine de Taanayel, 230 hectares of agricultural terrain managed by Arc en Ciel. It’s a beautiful spot in the Bekaa Valley and it’s open to the public. If you’re ever looking to escape the city’s drudgery, this is a gorgeous getaway.

Nike+ App

I have yet to beat my new best-5K time but my overall pace has improved from when I first started running with NRC. In 4 months, I’ve shaved off 30 seconds on average and that’s without hardcore training. I imagine, if I stick to my regular gym routine and NRC runs, I can keep the momentum going – I hope.

Best Meal of the Week


Our morning breakfast at Khan el Maksoud, part of Arc en Ciel’s ecolodge, can take this title this week. Coffee, labneh, zeitoun, and eggs. A beautiful way to conclude our morning run around the lakes of Domaine de Taanayel.

Other Highlights

NRC gets you Nike Points: Recently, Nike decided to convert each NRC run you participate in into loyalty points. Each run gets you 20 points; 1000 points gets you $100 to spend at any Nike branch. In the end, it’s just another bonus to an already great initiative.


Women’s Day Present from Nike: I was out of town on March 8th but I got my Nike sports bra this week. I love getting free gear, and I have to say, Nike’s marketing methods have been really impressive. The NRC and NTC training sessions make participants feel like their campaigns aren’t just advertising, they’re living up to what they’re preaching. They’re helping us adopt a healthier lifestyle which makes you want to be loyal to the brand – that is, if you weren’t already.

Animals Lebanon: I passed by Animals Leb with a friend of mine. He was looking for a new feline friend and I was looking for feline affection. So many kitties are in need of homes but there are a lot that are content in their Hamra haven. If you’re interested in adding a member to your family though, visit the shelter and get acquainted.

Workout Track of the Week

Cheese of the Week

How’s that for running?



4 thoughts on “El-Tanein Diet Week #38

  1. Wow farrah!! So cool to see how youre running with Nike+ and the incentives you get! If only my schedule wasn’t so unpredictable, i wouldve definitely sticked to the runs with the club! The gamification of it all with the loyalty points is a great motivator alone! Unfortunately can’t for the moment so i’m trying to stick to solo runs!

    • As long as you’re running, that’s all that matters. Try to join us shi nhar though, the energy among the group is addictive – gives you the boost you need to get through the week

      • I know!!! I think about if regularly i swear 🙂 do you think it’s ok if i run from time to time with you guys? I left the group though. #oops 🙂 but you motivated me! Im waiting this week for my ankle to heel, and ill think about it again! (And ask you to readd me to the group!haha)

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