El-Tanein Diet Week #27 and #28

Sandwiches are the gateway to cake. Word.

I skipped NRC during week #28 so I hopped on the elliptical to make up for those two runs. Week #28 was the week of the elliptical. I hadn’t been on the machine in a gazillion years but it’s a lot more entertaining than a treadmill facing a wall. I am attempting to hit the gym 3x/week plus 2 Nike runs in between leaving the weekend activity as optional but encouraged.

Workout Tally

– (1) 5 km run
– (1) 8 km run
– 5 gym sessions (machines + cardio)
– 30 min on the elliptical
– 40 min on the elliptical

Outdoor Activity

Besides running around Zaitunay with my Nike buddies, I did not have my Sunday fun with my friends after all. As expected, the pact we made has yet to materialize into actual activity. Looks like I’ll have to go solo on some Sunday expeditions.

Nike+ App


Best Meal of the Week(s)

Brunch at Happy Prince followed by coffee and banana pudding at Magnolia Bakery. Talk about debauchery. Besides that day, I’ve been policing my growing appetite (#thankscardio) and ignoring the little voice that tells me 2 or 12 teeny McDonald’s hamburgers won’t count.

Other Highlights

Getting your friends on board: When trying to eat healthy, getting your friends to help is key since you’ll have people cheering you on and making sure you stay in check. But my friends bring over bags of Doritos instead.

Nike launches a new miniseries with their online destination platform & The Fix newsletter: These serve as a go-to for advice and fitness resources along with the story of Margot vs Lily, which will be running until March 21. Sadly, the newsletter is only for US athletes. Read more about it all here.

Workout Track of the Week

Cheese of the Week

Boursin. Oh you beautiful cheese, you. I think we all know what’s the first item on my grocery list for the snack of choice. Okay fine, I’ll stick to light white cheeses. Gawd. But I’ll probably be doing a lot of these.

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