23 Days Left to Help BETA

Close Up Of Cute Dog Looking At The Camera

Hear that rain?

Like the rest of the population here, the doggies of BETA will need to get through the winter ahead too. BETA, Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to repair their shelter’s roof. Home to 400 dogs and hundreds of other abandoned animals, BETA is helping the furry friends that have also been victims of our multilayered humanitarian situation.

BETA’s not a priority when it comes to donations, volunteers, and aid given all the carnage that is happening within and surrounding the country at the moment. Sadly, animals tend to take a backseat to humans. It doesn’t have to be either/or though, there is enough of us to help the many causes and ’tis the season to do good. ‘Tis the season for storms and plummeting temperatures too so let’s keep these balls of fluff warm & dry.

The BETA shelter is an old farm in Monteverde and the roof of the structure is in bad shape. It’s split into sections so any money raised will still lead to some improvements and whatever is left will go to the dogs’ medical care if it can’t be used to complete another section.

“One meter of plain roofing costs just $6, so however small your donation, it will still make a difference!”


Based on their page, there is “no government funding for animal charities in Lebanon” so they rely purely on donations. Their goal is $35K and they’ve reached a little over $10K with 3 weeks to go – at that rate, they should make it but it can’t hurt to help spread the word to make sure they do.

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