My 1st Card Collection at Dar’s 1st Christmas Market

Some of you may know that I dabble in what is known as graphic design. And by dabble, I mean I have a degree in it and work in the creative department at an ad agency. Tough hours and strict clients mean you don’t always get to stretch your artsy muscles so you must turn to side projects for that much needed exercise.

And so…

I will be participating in this weekend’s Dar Bistro & Books 1st Annual Christmas Market. Although I wasn’t prepared to jump into something like this, I’ll have my first small collection of Christmas/NYE cards on sale for the 3-day affair. Nothing like pressure to make you start & finish a side project you always wanted to do…in one week. Here’s a sneak peek of my collection: IMG_0869 IMG_0874 IMG_0873 IMG_0875 Each card will be sold for 8,000 L.L. and 3 for 20,000 L.L. (including a gold or silver envelope for each). Hala, my former classmate and AIGA ME teammate, will be splitting the stand with me so be sure to check out her illustrated totebags and postcards too! IMG_0882 IMG_0883 Dar Bistro is located between the Central Bank and the AUB Alumni Association office in Hamra (go down the small alley next to the Wardieh station before CMC). It’s all weekend long so pass by for a hello, a coffee, and a card!

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