FIFA 2014: Top 5 Ads

5. Durex – “Don’t Fake It”, Havas Worldwide (TBC)

You’ve got to love condom ads. EXCELLENT thought here. Connecting faking it on the field to faking it in the bedroom is classic Durex humor. Supposedly, it’s not just a joke: Durex conducted a survey that found that 40% of 2,000 men would pick watching football over being with their partner. As for the ad, I wish the execution was better. It looks like an amateur fan video on YouTube – was it?

4. McDonalds- “GOL!”, DDB Chicago

I loved this ad because it didn’t feature any bigshot players. It ranks #4 on my list though because it could have been signed off by any brand and McDo plays no role here. Nicely done but not related to the product.

3. ESPN – “Time Zone”, Wieden + Kennedy

Thinking behind this one is smart: the World Cup being the one time that the entire world is operating on the same time zone to watch the games. Everyone united in their love for soccer: it’s appropriate to the brand and well shot.

2. Nike – “The Last Game”, Wieden + Kennedy

I’ve admired Nike’s communication for years. They know how to get your blood pumping which is perfect when you’re a brand that stands for an active lifestyle. This ad is beautifully crafted and has a story – another great one from W+K.

1. Beats – “The Game Before the Game”, R/GA USA

Normally, I wouldn’t connect headphones to football but Beats was clever. They created a connection prior to FIFA by making their product the thing that gets you into the zone (Hear What You Want). It cuts you off from the haters and gets you ready to take on the game ahead – whether that game is a day at the office or on the field. Using this same insight, they used Brazil’s Neymar Jr. and an excellent track for this spot. I’ve been listening to the song on loop for 3 days. A remix featuring JayZ was released recently so let the repeat continue.

Honorable Mentions:

1. Adidas – “The Dream”, TBWA\Chiat\Day
Only because of the Kanye track. Otherwise, this ad is “meh.”

2. Kia – “Adriana Lima Football vs. Futbol”, David&Goliath

Although the Optima has nothing to do with soccer, Kia made up for irrelevance by using hot Brazilian Adriana Lima to teach men about the real meaning of “futbol.”

3. Hyundai – “Avoidance”/”Boom”, INNOCEAN USA

Another car brand jumps into the race but, this time, their product actually plays a role in the story. The insight here of trying to avoid hearing the results of a game rings true. “Boom” has a cheeky storyline too. Nevertheless, cars aren’t really related to futbol so its purpose is forced.

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