Bambi Recommends: Bayrut Express


Bayrut Express is a shop I found on Facebook while researching eco-friendly projects in Lebanon. Next thing I know, Ziad from BE comments on that post telling me to come check out their shop. Little did he know, I’d been wanting to go since discovering their page and finally managed to do so thanks to having today off. It’s located in Asos Center near Sassine Square, Ashrafieh. If you’re driving toward Sassine from Sodeco, it’s in the alley to the right before you reach the main intersection. I didn’t mention my blog while investigating the shelves – let it be clear, this is not a sponsored post.

BE sells clothing, shoes, and accessories but all the merchandise they have is related to a cause. GGRIL and Waste products are sold there along with Inkkas, handmade sneakers made by artisans from Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina. Inkkas is a kickstarter project that was successfully funded last December. Each pair is a combination of colorfully patterned South American textiles and bright nylon shoelaces. On their Kickstarter page, they state, “From the beginning, Inkkas set out to be a company that would have a beneficial impact on the world, not an exploitative one. The company was founded on the principles of fair trade, philanthropy and authenticity.”

The product is made to counter planned obsolescence and the whole initiative backs South American causes and communities. For example, with every Inkkas purchase, 10% is donated to preserving the Amazon rainforest. Above is the shelf of Inkkas at Bayrut Express. The high-tops run at 220,000 L.L. (~147 USD) but are on special this week at 155,000 L.L. (~100 USD). Can’t wait to rock mine tomorrow.


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