Matters of the Heart

For every known particle, there is an anti-particle.
Perhaps, you, my anti-particle, are lost & cannot reach me.
The closer you get to matter, as soon as you are in contact with me, you are annihilated.
Actually, we are annihilated. Leave it to me to forget that our contact isn’t just mad, it’s mutually assured destruction. But with this destruction comes energy to do work that is equal to our masses – which makes sense considering I’ve been driving myself into the ground while you’re not here.

This asymmetry, this abundance of me and absence of you, has been such a mystery. I don’t think physicists could explain it and they know the gravity of it all, they know about stuff that matters.

And so, maybe you’re made of antimatter and the universe says we complement each other in every way but, alas, there is no chance we can ever come to be as one.

But it doesn’t really matter, does it?

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