Goodvertising: Coca Cola

“Goodvertising”, a term coming from Thomas Kolster’s book of the same title, is about how advertising can be used towards the good of mankind. Agencies and charities have come up with fantastic ideas that can make a difference, even in the most subtle and simple way. You can find out more about him and the book by watching this interview here.
One brand I want to focus on in this post is Coca Cola. Although they have not solved world hunger or started the One Laptop Per Child NGO, they are using their product and their brand to spread something that all people want and need: happiness. This year alone, Coke came up with innovative ways to push the envelope through unconventional media and technology, hashtagging it all as #workthatmatters.


1. Small World Machines

Through the use of their vending machines, Coke used basic video-calling technology and wide-angle cameras to be able to connect neighboring countries that are barred off from each other due to political conflict. Using simple gestures and tasks, they created connections between people who never get the chance to interact.

2. Sharing Can

Another spin on their product’s design, Coke created the ideal way to share a can: literally splitting it in two. The Sharing Can, brainchild of Ogilvy Singapore & France, was launched in Singapore in March but I have yet to find any info on the cans being distributed anywhere else since then. Leonardo O’Grady, director of integrated marketing communications, Coca-Cola ASEAN, related the mechanism to breaking a loaf of bread and that’s pretty accurate because it can be seen as the modern day loaf-sharing. *Aladdin and Abu* Plus, it’s a keepsake for those who admire product design (someone please send me one).
3. Smile Back

Most of the time, if a stranger smiles at you, you freak out and think the weirdo wants to kidnap you and wear your skin. No? Anyway, this shows how spreading smiles may not be as harmful as you think and when you take the chance to smile back, the universe rewards you. That was so Paulo Coelho, I’m sorry. Watch the vid though, it’s good stuff.

One that should be reproduced in Lebanon due to our disappearing parks:

And similar to BGP’s Green Your Lunch Break, Picnic 2013 as part of their “Let’s Eat Together” Happiness Table initiative:

So it’s no surprise that Coca Cola was named Creative Marketer of the Year at the 2013 Cannes Festival of Creativity.

Other cool Coke stuff:

Coke Remix Bottle
All Coke Submissions at Cannes




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