Educate Thyselves.

Three new albums for hip-hop. Thanks to the awesomeness that is Youtube and people who upload everything online so we can illegally download them, I have provided links to the full albums too. Download them while you can. If you like them, that is.

1. “Yeezus”, Kanye West

Oh Kanye, Kanye, Kanye. 808’s & Heartbreak, College Dropout, Kim Kardashian. He does crazy things. “Yeezus” is freaking weird but it should be listened to. More than once because the first time around is just going to leave you flabbergasted. Although he is certifiably insane, there is an incredible draw to someone who will take creative risks – the only snag is that he doesn’t believe they’re risks. Kanye has what is known as a God Complex. (Seriously, even CNN wrote a feature on it.) When someone thinks they are a god, they don’t see what they’re doing as a risk. They see it as a gift that is bestowed on the serfs of the mortal world. His woman may dress up like garage-sale-furniture, he may have weird erotic dreams involving mythical birds, and he’s probably going to have children in all directions in the next 10 years. But he is a god and you will take his golden nuggets of truth. You hate him but you love him because he keeps things interesting.

“Ye, you wanna do something for the release of your new single? But what?”

Why? Because Kanye, that’s why.

2. “Magna Carta Holy Grail”, Jay-Z

On a business level, that Samsung deal was smooth. Props, Jay. MCHG’s alright but honestly, with the hype and excitement that arose from the promo video, I am a tad disappointed. Rick Ross was born to rap those words but what the hell was that Nirvana thing you pulled with JT? I still can’t decide if I like it because I hated your version of “Jolene” at first but it grew on me. I’m still undecided and very attached to the Black Album. There’s just too much emotion here. I’m so confused, excuse me, I need a moment of clarity.

3. “Born Sinner”, J.Cole

This is just good. That is all.

If you’re not into this kinda shiz, listen to the Great Gatsby OST, subscribe to Teh Dubstep Channel or just go sing along to Selena Gomez.

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