The Best Justin in the World

In honor of his newly released album (which was available for free on iTunes last week and will be followed by part 2 of the 20/20 Experience later this year) and official video for “Mirrors”, here are the reasons why Justin Timberlake has been dubbed “The Best Justin in the World”:

  • The song used above is said to be the retelling of his grandparents’ love story and that’s who it’s dedicated to, William & Sadie
  • JT is the man of boy bands. And before you go screaming about Michael and the Jackson 5, Michael Jackson doesn’t get the title because, regardless of his J5 days, Michael is king. *Nsync was a big part of JT’s emergence as a musical artist but the Jerry curl and toxic Britney was just a phase…that made him millions. Deep down, you all have a favorite *Nsync song. It’s tearing up my heart and yours to deny it, but this I promise you, you’re not alone. When you’re listening to *Nsync, know that I see right through you and that at least one other person is listening to them too- most likely, it’s gonna be me. By the way, Rami Yacoub, one of the songwriters for *Nsync (and other pop stars) is of Lebanese origin. WHAT UP.
  • His acting chops will get better. I’m still waiting for that breakthrough acting performance. Remember when we all thought Leo couldn’t act? Well now, Leonardo DiCaprio:Martin Scorsese::Johnny Depp:Tim Burton (without the costumes, undead drag queen makeup, and whoknowswhat with Helena Bonham Carter) It’s only a matter of time before JT drowns in the freezing Atlantic and comes back as [insert awesome director here]’s puppet.
  • Jessica Biel. Dat ass. Nuff said.
  • He’s Timbs’ muse, he can work a suit & tie, and thus he has the Jay seal of approval (turns out you have to score a 40/40 on those S-A-Zs and that’s what he’s indirectly referring to by his album title. Duh.)
  • He can dance better than Be in a spandex leotard. Again no offense Be, I love you, please don’t hurt me.
  • Being a Mickey Mouse Club member from Memphis, he started from the bottom and won’t throw snowballs at you from a Bentley
  • He’s not ashamed to cry to his mommy when you take away his toys
  • And he will always be the best Justin in the world because of this song. I have praised this song before, but unless he learns the rest of the English language, I don’t beliebe the Bieb could ever come close to a melody like that.

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