Bambi Recommends: Popeye at Vick Vanlian


“One Way or Another”

Vick Vanlian Gallery in Saifi Village, located next to Chenbai Restaurant, is having an exclusive exhibition of Jordi Machi’s Popeye collection. His art pieces feature the famous cartoons, Popeye and Olive Oil, in some very scandalous poses – and that’s why you love them. The exhibition itself is titled “PoPeye WTF Art Exhibition” after all, so it’s pretty obvious that the Spanish artist is very aware of the distorted reality he portrays in his work. I say distorted because I don’t remember ever seeing Olive snorting grinded spinach like it’s lines of coke…or strip. The gallery itself is the perfect place being that it has quirky furniture pieces with lady legs going everywhere, industrial pipe armchairs, and a giant metallic peeled banana.




Spinach cans as part of the set-up

I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way to go see the show but if you happen to be in Downtown or having waffles at Balima, you might as well walk on over and take a look. It’s a small collection so it’ll only take 10 minutes tops – 2 have already been sold. If you want to buy any of the works, prices run between $2300 – $3800. You have until March 22nd – Go.

Imagine having one of these in your parents’ living room:


“One in a Millione”


“LoVe Me KNOT”


“Many Days at Sea”


“How I Met Your Mama”

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