Bambi’s Boxes, Part III

This Bambi Box that just barely made it into the month of September is a spotlight on the Aizone FW 2012 campaign done by Jessica Walsh under the art direction umbrella of Stefen Saigmester. Saigmester is a world-renowned designer who is most famous for using a Zoro technique on his own skin when designing an AIGA invitation card back in ’99. He works with many freelancers to come up with new ideas for clients and this time he teamed up with NY-based Jessica Walsh.

(Taken from her behance portfolio) 

The campaign was a series of images and experimental typography that were then adapted to the storefront windows. She used variations in paint, bubbles, and fabric to phrases. The forms of the typography match the style of the clothing that is displayed on the mannequins.

The displays in Aizone in ABC Ashrafieh, Beirut:

Close up (baubles on the t-shirt)

The team also did the previous FW 2011 Aizone campaign:

(Taken from her behance portfolio) 

The behind the scenes video of this campaign is great because you get to see that the visuals were actually created rather than digitally done on Photoshop. 

Walsh is a great designer – according to behance, “she has worked with studios such as Sagmeister Inc, Pentagram Design and Print Magazine, and freelances for a variety of clients such as the The New York Times, AIGA, Computer Arts & I.D. Magazine, and Technology Review.” Check out her full behance portfolio here or her personal website.

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