Do You Know Rocky Horror?


Unlike others of my generation, I spent my preteen years watching VH1 and too many episodes of “Where Are They Now?”. Along with these marathons came weekends dedicated to old films that would spiral into cross-country events and festivals full of costumed fans – what has been called a “cult following.”

One of these was “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” When the movie was being promoted back when I first watched it (around the time when I was 11; I had a colorful childhood), I was not very interested but my own mother said “this is a movie you need to watch; you will not understand it but you won’t be able to NOT watch it.” One of those what-the-hell-am-I-watching-why-can’t-I-look-away creations, much like the Green Porno series. It was created in 1975 as a parody of B-movie, sci-fi horror films.

The festivals that go along with this movie are like the LOTR/Star Wars geekfests only everyone’s dressed up like they’re going to RuPaul’s bachelorette scrambled with a feather boa nightmare. Did I mention that the sweet transvestite is Tim Curry? Aka Nigel Thornberry? Aka the creepy rich dude in Charlie’s Angels? (not to be mistaken with creepy thin man with a hair fetish)

And the best part of this leather-clad sexual-innuendo ridden mess? It’s a musical.

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