PaperCards at Papercup

In Mar Mikhael, the artsy fartsy district of Beirut, there is an art bookstore called Papercup. It is already well-known by people who it caters to: designers, artsy folk, hipsters and foreigners. It’s a small place and hard to find if you haven’t been there before.

Directions: Drive down Gouraud Street in Gemmayzeh until it eventually joins the main road of Mar Mikhael (Alexandria Street), past EDL. Keep going until you get to the road between SEAT and Pharmacie Cilicie on your left. Park and walk down that road (unless you want to be Lebanese and drive the wrong way on a one way street) and take a left.

There on the right side you will see Papercup.

They have a couple of shelves of magazines, a frequently restocked collection of art books as well as a mini cafe inside. Personally, my favorite part of the whole shop is the assortment of greeting cards and stationery: a bit by Lebanese designers but mostly imported. I have a hard time finding great cards for occasions (or just for the heck of it because it’s a sad obsession of mine), so this is a nice find when you want a card that’s original and isn’t drowning in cheesy cliches. They’re a bit on the pricey side, each card running at an average of $6 – but in all fairness, Hallmark cards are around the same if not more only they’re lame. 

My cards

 Once you’re done looking around, whether you’ve found something or not…You can go across the street to Frosty’s Palace, Papercup’s owner’s sister’s place. It’s small so you may have to wait if full but it’s got meaty burgers and milkshakes which are pretty meaty and delicious respectively, if you decide to forego the cheddar (with the burger at least?).

With cheddar could be good too, I’d have to go back for further investigation just for you guys. I’m such a trooper, I know.

Random factoid: they have environmentally friendly straws made out of cardboard. 

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