It’s All About Little Victories

There is an exercise I read about somewhere (forgot where, I’m not taking credit for this) where, every night, you write down one thing that made you smile that day. Just one little thing. It could even be something that reeks of utter awesomesauce but it could also be something as simple as “I found matching socks.” Yes, that is a battle I fight every morning. Don’t judge me. 

The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things,” said Henry Ward Beecher – and he’s right. 

You can find joy in the smallest things and if you go over the stuff you’ve written down over the span of just a week, you’d be surprised at the nice little victories and moments that you take for granted because you’re too busy thinking about how you paid a dollar for a cookie that wasn’t even squishy in the center. That’s just wrong but there’s bound to be something that’s gone right. 

Write it down.

A beautiful day walking on the boardwalk.
A stray flower.
Snagging a good couch at a coffee shop.
A friend’s returned home.

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