Be Better Than the GAP.

Scene taken from “Crazy Stupid Love” – which is a good romcom that’s actually not really a romcom because it’s ridiculous and funny. And not in the Will Farrell way, it’s actually funny. PLUS, Emma Stone (my imaginary best friend) is in it. I was never a fan of Ryan Gosling’s The Notebook-ness but after this movie, he’s got my vote.

So for those of you suffering these last few weeks of the pseudo-Spring season, unable to go to the pool, suntan or just be absent minded and carefree because you have these weird things called “responsibilities”, this is for you.

Don’t get slumpy and lazy.
Don’t get boring and safe.
Don’t wear mom jeans.
Don’t become the GAP.
Why? Because you’re better than the GAP.
Be better than the GAP.

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