Snail Mail

The beautiful thing about having friends spread out all over the place is the snail mail. In the era of the digitalized message, I think people forget how great it can be to receive a handwritten or personalized token that says “I’m here and you’re there but I thought of you today”. I hope this never goes out of style. It would be such a shame to retire an activity that allows you to connect with someone at a specific moment in their life that is in the past when the connection actually occurs. Granted that is true about all forms of communication; however, the ease of sending a text, a tweet, an email or a status update has squashed the very delicacy of a “flashback moment”-that’s what I call them. Those times when you pause for a split second and think “in a few years, I’m going to remember this exact moment in this exact place.”

To me, snail mail is an invitation to someone else. You get a souvenir of a fleeting experience they’re having. They’re offering to share their frozen moment in time with you.

Stamped, dated and addressed to you. It’s old and nostalgic. It’s wonderful. When was the last time you sent a letter? A postcard? Received one? Sealed a package?

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