10 Things You Learn After Graduating from AUB

  1. You are going to claim that the new children (students) aren’t supposed to be sitting at the spot you and your friends territorially peed all over during your 3-4 years on campus.
  2. You realize you probably didn’t need to leave the stacks/ma2bara for coffee/red bull/chocolate runs every hour and a half.
  3. Real life outside the AUB bubble is much faster and lonelier during that awkward post-grad tadpole-becoming-a-frog period.
  4. You think your AUB degree can take a figurative crap on all other Lebanese university degrees.
  5. You miss the way the smell of Dunkin used to fill the crevices of Main Gate at 7 in the morning.
  6. You will never forget that time you joked about Abu Naji having everything from Panadol to Band-Aids…and found out it was true
  7. No patch of grass will ever be as awesome as that of the Green Oval. Normal grass that is.
  8. Finding a parking spot in Beirut is always going to be a problem…for the rest of your life.
  9. AUB cats are genetically mutated to be cuter than other strays from “the outside”. And they used mind control to steal your Bliss House Spicy Chicken.
  10. You secretly hope that one day there will be a really uncomfortable green bench with your name on the gold plaque. 

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