El-Tanein Diet Week #36 and #37


Still not in the mood to write lately but I will say that my NRC peeps give me hope for humanity. It’s inspiring to see a group of strangers get together to stay fit and eventually become buddies over a shared hobby that doesn’t involve drinking or inhaling chicken wings. And it’s even more goosebump-inducing when you see that this group wants to give back. More on that below.


Workout Tally

– 2 power walks (Beirut Waterfront + AUB campus)
– 3 NRC runs
– 1 Gym Session

Outdoor Activity


My friends and I finally managed to get a little activity in together. We’re starting at a beginner’s pace with power walks since we’re all at different fitness levels. The Waterfront and AUB were suitable spots to appreciate some fresh air outside office walls.

Nike+ App

The last run included 2 sets of 7 drills so soreness accompanied me into Easter weekend. I love strutting like a grandma. I’ve still got to get workouts up to at least 5x a week after Amreeka. Yalla almost there.

Best Meal(s) of the Week(s)


I would have to go with the truffle burger at Acoté. Mmmmtruffle.

Other Highlights

Charity Miles: I mentioned this app in the last ETD post. My Nike crew decided to start a team on the app and we’re going to dedicate our weekly runs to one randomly selected charity each month. The last week of March and the full month of April is going to go to ASPCA, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. This way, running and donating as a group will have more of an impact.

Donating our bottles & caps: Each run ends with us finishing off at least two dozen 0.5ml water bottles. We’ve decided to recycle the bottles and donate their caps to Arc en Ciel, an NGO that converts collected plastic caps into wheelchairs.

Workout Track of the Week(s)

Cheese of the Week(s)
Somebody make these and don’t invite me over.

El-Tanein Diet Week #33, #34, and #35


This post comprises weeks where I was in Beirut & LA. It includes more burgers than runs and workouts but I promised to report. It’ll be short post, despite being a 3-week compilation, because I’m jet lagged.

Workout Tally

– (3) 5 km runs

Outdoor Activity


2/3 of my runs these weeks were outdoor runs around Californian suburbia. The contrast between the greenery of the residential areas in California and the outdoor runs of Beirut’s concrete jungle. The dose of green makes the time outdoors so soothing even though you’re a sweaty mess. I should give Horsh Beirut a try on a sunny Saturday soon.

Nike+ App

IMG_3937 IMG_2896

IMG_2897 IMG_3259

Best Meal(s) of the Week(s)


I had some great meals in Las Vegas which I’ll be posting about separately in the next few days but In-n-Out wins for ETD across the board. I consider it an achievement that I only hit it twice in 19 days.

Other Highlights


Charity Miles: This app allows you to run miles that correspond to donations for multiple charities. I haven’t tried using it in Lebanon yet but that’ll be a test for week #36.


The Broad Museum: Pronounced like “brode,” the Broad is a new contemporary art museum in downtown LA located between the Disney Concert Hall and the MOCA. Its entrance is free but you can pre-book tickets to skip the line. It’s currently got Yayoi’s Infinity Room as a special exhibit which I skipped. I didn’t want to wait in line for another hour to get a selfie that everyone has. Yes, I regret it.

Good Impressions of Beirut: I was networking at some work events and was pleasantly surprised to find that a lot of Americans had been to Beirut (and other parts of Lebanon). I’d been so used to meeting people who didn’t know it was a capital in the Middle East so this was refreshing to see. Even with those who had had their hearts broken by Lebanese folk, there were good memories associated with our little country. The worst part was that a follow-up question to “do you like living there?” tended to be, “so how’s the garbage thing going?” Sigh.

Workout Track of the Week(s)

Tell JK that I’m still rooooollin. That beat tho.

Cheese of the Week(s)


Brie & mushroom sourdough burger at Mimi’s Cafe was my last meal in ‘Murica. Worth it.