Bambi’s CV and Portfolio

I have two BS Degrees in very two opposite ends of the spectrum (Biology and Graphic Design, with a minor in Advertising). Biology, although fascinating, was not where my heart was – figuratively, at least. I went back to school to pursue a second major. I started this blog, worked part-time on campus, and volunteered for TEDxBeirut.

I was an Art Director on P&G and Atelier brands for 2.5 years at H&C Leo Burnett Beirut. I reported directly to the Regional Creative Director of P&G Haircare and Atelier where we came up with campaigns for Central and Eastern Europe as well as a few for luxury brands in Lebanon. It involved a lot of travel for TVC productions and I was promoted in under 2 years to said position.

While at Leo, I volunteered to research and present “Leo Talks” covering topics in design & tech like:
• The Singularity: Artificial Intelligence in the Industry
• Thinking Like A Freak: Approaching Problems in a New Way
• Rewiring Thought: How Internet & Tech is Changing the Way We Process Information
• Tech Trends of 2015
• Winstagram: Successful Instagram Accounts

After interning with Tarek Atrissi in Barcelona during the fall season of 2015, I now work as a Creative Strategist at Wesley’s Wholesale, a supermarket specializing in American imports in retail and bulk sizes. It’s my family’s business and we are working on bringing the best American products, as well as the American shopping experience, to Lebanon.

I volunteered as Ambassador of the Beirut Operations Team for AIGA Middle East, the first international AIGA chapter that aims to facilitate collaboration and improve the design field in the region.

My blog, obviously, is still going strong. I write about all things Lebanon (cultural events, opinions, and observations on society) and document my journey in a country where we all have something to say but rarely anywhere to say it. My main aim is to portray the Lebanon we all want, not hate on the one that exists.

My current interests include hand-lettering & typography, sustainable urban planning & design, and behavioral neuroscience. See, I still like a little biology, every now and then.

• • •

View full CV on LinkedIn here.

View creative work here.

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